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Terra Nostra
4 soloists: soprano,
mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone
Adult choir
Children's choir

Orchestra: 1111, 1110,
piano, 1 percussion, strings
Brief audio excerpts are now on the web! Click here to visit the San Francisco Choral Society's website, then scroll down about halfway.
Part I: 23'
Part II: 21'
Part III: 30'
Total: 74'

Commissioned by the San Francisco Choral Society and the Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir.
The commissioning parties have exclusive performing rights for this piece until November 1, 2016, after which anyone can purchase and perform it.

Terra Nostra focuses on the relationship between our planet and mankind, how this relationship has shifted over time, and how we can re-establish a harmonious balance. This concept is presented over the course of three parts. Part I: Creation of the World explores various creation myths from different cultures, culminating in a joyous celebration of the beauty of our planet. Part II: The Rise of Humanity examines the achievements of mankind, particularly since the dawn of our Industrial Age, and how these achievements have impacted the planet. Part III: Searching for Balance questions how we can create more awareness for our planet’s plight, re-establish a deeper connection to it, and find a balance for living within our planet’s resources.

Ordering Scores
Theodore Presser Company
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Part I:
Creation of the World
1. In the Beginning
King James Bible; creation myths from India, North America, and Egypt
2. God's World
Edna St. Vincent Millay
3. On thine own child
Percy Bysshe Shelley
4. Smile O voluptuous cool-breathed earth!
Walt Whitman
5. A Blade of Grass
Walt Whitman
Part III:
Searching for Balance

12. Darkness
Lord Byron
13. Earth Screaming
Esther Iverem
14. The World Is Too Much With Us
William Woodsworth
15. The Want of Peace
Wendell Berry
16. A Child said, What is the grass?
Walt Whitman
17. There was a child went forth every day
Walt Whitman
18. A Blade of Grass/I bequeath myself
Walt Whitman
Part II:
The Rise of Humanity

6. Locksley Hall
Lord Alfred Tennyson
7. Railways 1846
Charles Mackay
8. A Song of Speed
William Ernest Henley
9. High Flight
John Gillespie Magee, Jr.
10. Binsey Poplars
Gerard Manley Hopkins
11. A Dirge
Percy Bysshe Shelley