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University Residencies for Composition Students | STACY GARROP • COMPOSER

University Residencies for Composition Students

Preparing Today’s Composition Students for their Future Careers.
In addition to composing, today’s young composers need essential skills in order to succeed in the professional world: they need to serve as their own marketer, website designer, publisher, grant writer, and office manager. My residencies combine aspects of a traditional college visit with workshops aimed to help composers prepare for the professional world.

I am available for
1-3 day residencies at universities and colleges. Depending on the length of my residence, I can expand or shorten the amount of activities offered. Pricing will depend on the number of workshops, lessons, and coachings chosen, as well as the total number of days. For rates, please email me.

Offered residence activities:


1-on-1 Composition Lessons (45 minutes each, up to 6 students)
• If preferred, lessons can be handled as a group composition lesson instead. (3 students, 90 minutes)

Strategies for Composing (60-75 minutes)
• This session gives students of all degree levels techniques to help develop their composing skills, generate musical ideas, and learn methods for dealing with writer's block.

Presentation on my music (60-90 minutes)
• I cover 2-3 pieces from my repertoire, going in-depth into my composing process, studying the scores with the students, and following up with class questions and discussion.


Seminar on Business Basics for Composers (60-120 minutes; can be broken up into 2 sessions)
• This session can cover a variety of topics including: self-promotion; publishing vs. self-publishing; copyright, public domain, and securing permissions; royalties and mechanical licensing; finding opportunities; crowd-funding resources; recording labels; commission contracts; and writing CVs and biographies.

Rehearsal Techniques for Composers (30-45 minutes)
• This workshop involves demonstrating good, questionable, and downright poor behavior when rehearsing with musicians. I will need a chamber ensemble (2 or more performers) for the demonstration.
• We can involve rehearsal of student works as well.

Public Speaking for Composers (60 minutes)
• This workshop helps the students learn how to be effective speakers. Some or all students will actively take part, depending on class size.

1-on-1 Business Sessions (30 minutes per student, up to 6 students)
• The goal is to provide personalized attention for their future goals, websites, CVs, etc.


Composition Pedagogy
(60 minutes)
• This session is for masters and doctoral students who plan to start their own studios or teach within the university system, and helps students develop strategies for teaching composition.

Writing Vocal Music (60-90 minutes)
• Quite often, students complete their college training without writing for the human voice. This seminar explores issues related to both art song and choral writing, including text setting, vocal ranges and types, effective a cappella writing, and what to do with the piano accompaniment. For an increased focus on art song, we can workshop students' completed works or works-in-progress with student singers and pianists.