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  • Grand Illusion (2019) 19’ • soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, bass baritone, piano
    The commissioners have the exclusive right to present the world premiere performances of the work until May 1, 2019, after which other companies can perform the opera.

    Jerre Dye

    Chicago Opera Theater for the Vanguard Initiative

    Abigail (Soprano) - a daughter, both 9 years old and 21 years old
    Passerby/Ticket Taker/Magician’s Assistant (Mezzo-Soprano) - the memory of a passerby, a ticket taker, and the magician’s assistant
    Father (Baritone) - the memory of her father
    Magician (Bass Baritone) - the memory of a prestidigitator

    This original story takes place at the Studebaker Theatre on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, and alternates between 1908 and 1920.

    It’s January, 1920, Chicago. Aspiring young writer and journalist, Abigail, is on the trail of a sensational news story that might give her a leg up in the newspaper game. A magician’s assistant has committed suicide by leaping off the roof top of a downtown hotel on New Year’s Eve. As Abigail investigates the details of the anonymous woman’s life, a mystery unfolds. She soon discovers that the elusive “Jane Doe” might have ties to her own life.