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a composer with a story to tell

a composer with a story to tell


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Blog 69: Getting Real about Suffragists and Racism in Composing The Battle for the Ballot
Blog 68:
Music Teachers are Vital to Awakening Creativity
Blog 67:
An Afternoon at the American Academy of Arts and Letters
Blog 66:
The Conclusion of a Fantastic Residence with CUSO ❤️
Blog 65:
A Beautiful Performance of Terra Nostra in Urbana, IL
Blog 64:
10 Fundamental Characteristics to Help Cultivate Your Career
Blog 63:
A Concert within the Danville Correctional Center
Blog 62: A Picture-Perfect Gelato Social, with Music and Goats
Blog 61: Champaign-Urbana Seen through a Composer’s Eyes
Blog 60:
Advice to Young Composers on Selecting a College
Blog 59:
Exploring Creativity at the Danville Correctional Center
Blog 58:
Stephen Paulus: The Legacy of Paying it Forward
Blog 57:
Three Audience Questions Answered!
Blog 56:
In the Trenches of Running a Freelance Career
Blog 55:
Being Creative in Turbulent Times
Blog 54:
What do Baseball and Beethoven have in common? Tension!
Blog 53:
Buffing Up Your Writing Skills
Blog 52:
Procrastination & Perfectionism: Slaying the Two-Headed Dragon
Blog 51: Composer Challenges 3.0: Building a Playlist
Blog 50: Composers & Competitions: To Enter or Not To Enter?
Blog 49:
Why Composers (Should) Go on Concert Sprees
Blog 48:
Embracing a Freelance Career
Blog 47:
5 Marketing Tips for All Musicians
Blog 46:
The Composing Process: From the First Note to the Final Score
Blog 45:
5 New Year's Resolutions for Composers
Blog 44:
Creating Community Through an Oratorio
Blog 43:
A Composer's Reading List, Part I
Blog 42:
Getting Back to My Roots: Adventures in Writing Jewish Music for Chicago a cappella
Blog 41:
Newbie in the Studio: Top 10 Observations of the Recording Process
Blog 40:
Composer Challenges 2.0
Blog 39:
Selecting a Graduate School Composition Program
Blog 38:
Finishing Terra Nostra: An Oratorio
Blog 37:
Summer Festivals for Composers
Blog 36:
4 Tips for New Composition Graduates
Blog 35:
CD Editing Sessions: Where the Magic Happens
Blog 34:
4 Strategies to Boost Your Composing Skills
Blog 33: How "Flight of Icarus" Became a Collaborative Project
Blog 32:
Building Relationships at Cabrillo Festival
Blog 31:
3 College Audition Tips for Composers
Blog 30:
13 Challenges in 13 Weeks
Blog 29:
How Hitchcock's Vertigo Jolted my Writer's Block
Blog 28:
A Composer's Prep Work for Recording Sessions
Blog 27:
The Composing of my Mythology Symphony
Blog 26:
Happy 25th Anniversary, Cedille Records!
Blog 25:
5 Musical Inspirations for Terra Nostra
Blog 24:
Components of a Commission Contract
Blog 23:
What do movies and oratorios have in common?
Blog 22:
Living Creatively at Artist Colonies
Blog 21:
Presentation & Negotation Skills Gleaned from Shark Tank
Blog 20:
Terra Nostra Update: Part I Completed
Blog 19:
Using Summer's "Down Time" to Boost Your Career
Blog 18:
Why we do Fresh Inc Festival
Blog 17:
Digging into Terra Nostra
Blog 16:
A perfect short residence in Dallas
Blog 15:
Personalizing a Commission
Blog 14:
Composers Saxophonists
Blog 13:
Collaborative Composing with a Music Enthusiast
Blog 12:
Rehearsal Technique for Composers
Blog 11:
Listening is linear. Composing isn't.
Blog 10:
Beginning Terra Nostra: An Oratorio
Blog 9:
Do your submission materials best represent you?
Blog 8:
Behind every success is a string of failures
Blog 7:
Your Personal Mission Statement
Blog 6:
Is all self-promotion shameless?
Blog 5:
Hey Jealousy: Learning from our perceived rivals
Blog 4:
Composers and Kickstarter, Part II (7+ tips for a great Kickstarter project)
Blog 3:
Composers and Kickstarter, Part I (4 composer-based projects)
Blog 2:
First Impressions
Blog 1:
A Well-Rounded Composer